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WOODENOWLEDGE LLC’s innovative practices and unmatched passion have entrenched the company a leading manufacturer in the tire industry. Based in New York, we are best known for our comprehensive product range of advanced, safe, shock-absorbent and performance-focused tires. With our tires, your vehicle will perform at their peak, even when being driven on the most difficult terrains. We have a spectacular product portfolio and a solid sales network.

We strive to enable sustainable mobility by continuously adapting to state-of-the-art technologies to meet the ever-growing and changing customer needs and demands. We want all our customers to have an enhanced driving experience and improved overall vehicle performance. Thanks to our dedicated team of experts, our tire quality is considered a benchmark by various major OEMs. We have many futuristic machines housed in our plant, which are efficiently handled by our highly qualified personnel.

Tires that we manufacture at WOODENOWLEDGE LLC are known for their longevity, safety, quality and time to market. They are made in accordance with industry and environmental standards. Our tires are produced to minimize their negative environmental effects. To incorporate advancement in tires, we stay abreast of the latest technology and we change and grow with the times. So, if you are looking for the right tires for your vehicle, browse through our wide collection of tires at www.woodenowledgefur.com today.

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Why Choose Our Company?


Our Guarantee

All our products are sold with guarantee, reassuring customers’ faith in us, our products and services.


Tires by Season

We have in stock tires for every season to offer you comfortable and safe journey.


Best Prices

We are known for offering optimum-quality products at competitive prices.


We believe in a customer-centric culture that is dedicated to delivering world's best products that meet the demands of a competitive market while limiting adverse impact on the environment.


To drive the future of mobility and be the best manufacturer in the tire industry. We envision introducing innovative tires with upgraded version and rubber quality, year after year.


Our Products

Our specialists meticulously design and manufacture all-terrain tires with precise tread patterns to support your automobile while driving off-road. We make an unflinching effort to satisfy your expectations every time you consider us for providing services. We offer nothing but the highest-quality products to our valuable customers. To get in touch, please write to us at info@woodenowledgefur.com.



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Our goal is to provide our clients with the best value possible while maintaining the lowest overall ownership costs. And, our means of achieving the target is innovation, technology, and sustainable manufacturing.

In order to deliver the best products, we keep learning and using new technologies in our innovations and manufacturing by staying updated with the latest trends. Using advanced technologies enables reduced energy consumption, decreased downtime, and detailed diagnostics.

WOODENOWLEDGE LLC offers top-notch, high-performance, reliable, and long-lasting tires at affordable and competitive prices. To know more, check out our product range now!

We have a quick turnaround time. The moment you place an order, our experts reach out to you to understand your requirements and start working on it to get the job done at the earliest. We don’t keep our customers waiting for long.

Confused about your tire-related needs or have queries? Don’t sweat! Our customer care executives are available 24/7 to address your queries, guide you and assist you make the best informed-decision per your requirements.

Over the years, we have learned to lead by example. Everything we do is centered on sustainability, so it doesn’t impact the environment much. By protecting the natural environment, we contribute in safeguarding the planet for the next generation.


Our Gallery


Applied for highway,
urban and country road,
all position of trucks and bus


"Applied for express way, highway and urban road, drive position of truck.Special tread compound design for lower heat build-up, excellent puncture and cut resistance and minimized gasoline consumption.Super steel belt carcass.


Applied for short-haul , low speed, and heavy loaded dumping trucks.Special tread compound with high wear-resistant, suitable for mining application and construction sites.Aggressive lug pattern


How can I place an order on your website?

When you will go to our website, you will see Product section on the top. Click on it, browse through our products. After choosing the tires you think are the best fit for your vehicle, add to cart and make payment.

What all tires do you have in stock?

We have tires for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler. To check out our products, please visit www.woodenowledgefur.com and if you have queries related to our offerings, please call us at 786-673-6832.

Where are you located?

You can find us at 159 West 25th Street 4th Floor Suite 425, New York, NY 10001. We provide services across the United States.

How do I know your tires are reliable?

We have been in the industry for a long time and have experts working for us. Our tires are designed to give you the utmost comfort and safety. Even when driving on the trickiest terrains, your vehicle won’t give you trouble. Our tires can balance any vehicle well. We take into account both performance and safety factors.

Why should I choose WOODENOWLEDGE LLC over competitors?

Every manufacture can give you tires, but we build trust and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We personalize products and create them in environment-friendly ways. Once you choose us, you will keep coming back to us, we assure you.

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159 West 25th Street 4th Floor Suite 425, New York, NY 10001



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